Is Ageless Male a scam – or can it really transform my life forever?

On the one hand, it’s kind of sad that we now have to worry about whether or not the supplements and products we are putting into our bodies on a regular basis are actually going to be able to pull off all of the amazing promises they made in their marketing. This just speaks to the greed and manipulation that dominates so many of our marketplaces today, a landscape where people are just trying to squeeze out each and every penny from people who are desperate for results.

On the other hand, I think it speaks to the savvy of the modern consumer that we don’t just bite on any hook thrown our way with a little bit of bait that seems attractive. We’ve built all different kinds of sensors and alarms – most of them intuitive – that can spot a fake and phony from miles away. It’s a good thing that you’re skeptical about whether or not Ageless Male is a scam, as I’m sure you’ve either been burned before by other companies and products or know someone who has been.

But I’m pleased to announce that there is no way that the Ageless Male is a scam – and it fact, it’s most likely one of the more underrated solutions out there on the market today for naturally boosting your testosterone through the roof.

Backed by science, created through years of research

The first thing that’s really going to knock you over the mode and point to the simple fact that Ageless Male just can’t be a scam is the simple fact that all of the 100% natural ingredients in this compound and formulation have been proven to naturally boost testosterone production through independent clinical tests and studies. It’s also true that this formulation wasn’t just thrown together over a messy coffee table one day, the result of a conversation between a handful of less than ethical modern-day snake oil salesman.

Rather, Ageless Male started off as a solution to helping rollback Father Time for men over a specific age who saw their overall production, confidence, athletic abilities, and so many other areas start to wither and rot on the find – just because their bodies slow down the production of testosterone, just as biology had intended.

But times have changed, even though our bodies haven’t had time to play catch-up yet

Ageless Male takes an all-natural approach to testosterone creation, working inside out rather than bringing in all different kinds of synthetic and chemical solutions that are much more dangerous than most people realize. All you’ll need to do is take this simple dietary supplement just as directed on the bottle, and you’ll start to enjoy incredible vitality, almost ridiculous amounts of energy, a general feeling of overall wellness and security, as well as a rush of confidence and power unlike anything you’ve ever felt since you were around 25.

This is the real deal, thanks to all-natural ingredients that work to pry open the once barred floodgates of your testosterone producing bodily systems, ensuring that you’re never going to crank out more testosterone than your body can handle but keeping things on a well-regulated stream that will have you feeling young again in record time.

It would be absolutely impossible for me to tell you exactly how you’re going to respond the moment you start to use Ageless Male – and I wouldn’t presume to try and mislead you in any way, shape, or form. But what I can tell you is that there is absolutely no way that there is an Ageless Male scam out there, looking to separate you from your money without offering a fair exchange in the process.

Is Ageless Male a scam? I think that by now you’ve learned that it is not.

Ageless Male

Is Ageless Male actually safe or is this just a lot of marketing noise and hype?

One of the things that we have to safeguard ourselves against in our modern world is the incredible amount of snake oil salesman out there today looking to push and pedal all kinds of the miracle solutions that do little else than light in our pockets. The fact of the matter is that while there are a handful or so of truly groundbreaking solutions in the health and wellness field, the overwhelming majority of them are nothing short of conmen dreams and shifty scams wrapped around clever packaging and razor-sharp marketing.

Luckily, Ageless Male is not one of those kinds of products.

Offering you very real testosterone boosting properties, you’re going to fall in love with Ageless Male

Designed and developed from the ground up to give you the kind of all-natural boost of testosterone you’re looking for as we all get a little bit up there in age, Ageless Male differs from just about everything else on the marketplace not only because of its 100% safe ingredients but also because it actually flat out works.
Taking in inside out approach rather than trying to inject you with all different kinds of synthetic chemicals or forcing you to rub on dangerous creams to boost your test levels, Ageless Male instead gives your body the jumpstart it needs to get the testosterone producing glands and areas of your body running at maximum capacity again.
The reality we are all facing is that as the human body gets older and older, testosterone production drops off a cliff right around the early 30s – and plummets until the day you die. But it doesn’t have to go down like that, especially if you can eliminate the triggers to slow production while at the same time coaxing your systems into working just a little bit harder than they would have in your early 20s. This can produce almost ridiculous vitality, shocking energy levels, the ability to naturally heal faster than you’ve been used to in the past, as well as a general sense of wellness and confidence unlike anything you’ve experienced in the past. This truly is the fountain of youth.

But is Ageless Male safe?

I can understand your skepticism, as you’ve probably been burned and toasted so many times by those less than ethical marketers I was talking about just a little bit earlier. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with any of those headaches – or heartbreaks – when you deal specifically with Ageless Male as your testosterone booster. Not only will you actually be able to enjoy real results almost instantly, but you’ll also be able to protect your short and long term health thanks to the 100% safe ingredients in the Ageless Male supplement.

Using only the best quality components and ingredients in their formulation, Ageless Male is one of the only testosterone boosting supplements on the market today that can promise – no, 100% guarantee – that you will never experience a single negative side effect so long as you use their product. This just isn’t something that any other synthetic producer can even come close to guaranteeing, pointing you in the right direction as to which kind of product you should be investing in.

If you’re ready to unlock all that Ageless Male has to offer, and enjoy completely safe and effective testosterone boosts in your own body, then look for this product on the Internet today. The odds are fantastic that you’re going to experience the same kind of dramatic shifts and changes – all for the better – that almost every other Ageless Male customer has been able to brag about.

Astaxanthin And Its Effects On Aging Males

Astaxanthin is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants and belongs to the group of chemicals called carotenoids.  This naturally occurring super nutrient and antioxidant is what give salmon, lobster and shrimp their natural pink and red tones.  Aging males have a variety of health problems that are a direct result of the natural decrease in testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for a variety of functions in men including sexual health, muscle composition, body hair, and other features.  Most men experience a drop in testosterone production around the age of 40.  Early scientific studies indicate there that Astaxanthin may be an effective treatment of male infertility (Comhaire, 2005).

Where Astaxanthin Comes From

Astaxanthin is a red or pink fat-soluble pigment found in natural organisms.  Microscopic marine plants and algae are a common source of Astaxanthin.  When shrimp, crab, crawfish, lobster and salmon eat this type of algae their shells and flesh take on the natural pink or reddish hue.  Some species of yeast produce Astaxanthin naturally during their cloning process.  The yeast Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous has a high content and is the natural source where most of Astaxanthin used for commercial products is derived from.  In addition to the above sources of naturally occurring Astaxanthin, today there is an increasing market of synthetically products as it is much more reasonably priced than from natural sources.

Side Effects

According to a safety study conducted by Mera Pharmaceuticals, Astaxanthin is shown to have no significant side effects and was found to be safe.  This naturally occurring antioxidant has an extremely low rate of side effects however, some individuals in the trial experienced mild effects including blood pressure decrease, increase hair growth and a change in hormonal levels.  Of course, these side effects for some individuals may in fact be result they are seeking.  Individuals with high blood pressure, hair loss and abnormal hormonal functions may find benefit from regular consumption of Astaxanthin.  As with all prescribed medications and natural supplements, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should consult their physician prior to taking Astaxanthin.  Because Astaxanthin is fat-soluble it should be taken with food, and not on an empty stomach.

Astaxanthin And Testosterone

This highly effective antioxidant has been shown in clinical studies to boost testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels when used in combination with Saw Palmetto berry extract according to Jose Antonio, PhD and founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.  The combination of Astaxanthin and Saw Palmetto extract increases testosterone while decreasing Dihydrotestosterone by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for testosterone depletion.  Healthy testosterone levels are responsible for the mood, personality, body, and health functions including sexual function and a properly performing prostate.

Astaxanthin And Other Medical Conditions

In other scientific findings, Astaxanthin has shown promise in helping other medical conditions including diabetes and macular degeneration, two issues that affect aging men.  Astaxanthin may reduce blood sugar levels and along with its natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents can reduce the stress on the kidneys of diabetic or pre-diabetic individuals. Studies on the effectiveness of Astaxanthin on eyes and vision show that it can protect the retina from elevated pressure as well as protect eyes from DNA damage.

We all age; our bodies age, and our minds age.  For men, the lowering of testosterone that naturally starts occurring around the age of 40 can have significant impact on personality, prostate health, sexual function, hair growth, and other concerns.  The prescription medications now available for men with low testosterone levels is not recommended for men who live in households with children and women of child-bearing age as the creams can be detrimental to their health.  A supplement like Ageless Male that contains Astaxanthin is a safe and effective way to increase testosterone without significant risk, dangers or side effects.

Ageless Male Ingredients

Ageless Male is a proprietary formula of natural ingredients that work together to give men with low testosterone a boost in sexual performance, stamina, satisfaction, and general emotional well-being.  The Ageless Male ingredients list is simple, and concise – Vitamin B6, Zinc, Magnesium and Testofen (or Fenugreek). Unlike the dangerous pharmaceutical chemical compounds found in the prescription medications used to treat low testosterone levels, Ageless Male is effective and safe.  These four ingredients, individually have healing characteristics for a variety of health conditions and concerns.  When blended together in this proprietary formula, they have curative powers that men with low testosterone levels are searching for.  Below is a breakdown of these ingredients and what they do for the human body.

Vitamin B6

Clinical and scientific studies indicate that regular consumption of Vitamin B6 can lead to healthy brain function and maintain normal nerve functioning.  This Ageless Male ingredient is believed to play a significant role in providing the body with antibodies needed to fight infections and various diseases.  Anemia, depression, irritability, nerve function and arthritis are common signs of a Vitamin B6 deficiency.  Vitamin B6 is considered a vital nutrient that helps over 60 enzymes function properly within our body and is an important element in helping regulate a healthy immune system.  This super nutrient is found in green leafy vegetables, carrots, licorice root, and a variety of medicinal herbs.  It can be difficult to have a diet that provides enough of this vitamin, so often supplements are recommended.


Zinc is another one of the Ageless Male ingredients that is necessary for proper and healthy functioning of our bodies.  It is known to stimulate the immune system and is considered as a critical element in the health and well-being of all adults.  Low levels of zinc, and zinc deficiency contributes to the infertility in women and can be the cause of low libido levels in both men and women. Individuals with low levels of zinc in their body often suffer from chronic fatigue, bad memory, nerve dysfunction, low energy, and poor sexual desire.  Zinc increases physical strength and performance, both in sports, and in the bedroom.  Studies indicate that by increasing zinc in the body, testosterone production rises following exercise and it is now recommended for athletes as helps produce testosterone at a higher rate than for individuals without an increase in zinc.


The Ageless Male ingredients are focused on creating a more energized men with a healthy sexual appetite and improved sexual function.  Magnesium is considered an essential mineral to help our minds and body stay healthy throughout the course of our life. Research indicates that healthy levels of magnesium help to regulate body temperature, increase energy, stimulate health nerve impulses and help with the formation of health teeth and bones.  Additionally, magnesium helps our bodies to absorb calcium, a process that is required to stave off joint and osteoarthritis.

Fenugreek (Testofen)

Testofen (listed on Ageless Male ingredient list) is also known as Fenugreek has been used for thousands of years for both culinary and medicinal purposes.  This Ageless Male ingredient helps to stimulate healthy testosterone levels, reduces inflammation, helps lower blood sugar levels in diabetics and is believed to lower cholesterol. The seeds, fruit, leaves, and stem of the fenugreek plant are used across the world for medical ailments for both men and women.  In women it can help ease the symptoms of menopause and even stimulate milk production for women that are breastfeeding.

The above Ageless Male ingredients work together to give men with low testosterone levels their lives back without facing the significant and potentially dangerous side effects of the prescription medications available on the market today.

Testosterone And Its Effects On Aging Males

In both males and females, hormone levels change throughout various periods of our lives.  In men, the most common challenge is the lowering of testosterone as men age leading to physical, psychological, and health changes.  Our endocrine system is responsible for the production and distribution of hormones throughout our bodies.  In men, lower testosterone levels can lead to a lower libido, changes in body hair, a different temperament, and a change in muscle mass and soft tissue health.

Lower Testosterone Levels And Men’s Libido

While scientific studies have not been able to pinpoint why or how lower testosterone levels affect a man’s libido, researchers agree that it does.  Most individuals believe that the normal sex drive of men peaks in their 20s and then slowly declines with age.  However, men with higher levels of testosterone find that their sex drive does not drop off like some of their peers with lower testosterone levels.  Of course, there are other contributing factors to a reduced libido including stress, a poor diet, and a lack of sleep.

Erectile Dysfunction And Testosterone Levels

Research indicates that low testosterone levels are not the primary cause of ED.  There are other physical conditions including the hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) that is primarily responsible.  In addition, chronic conditions including high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes are contributing factors to ED.  Testosterone levels in some of these men are also lower but can be due to obesity, hormonal imbalances, and other conditions.

Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

There are varieties of physical and mental symptoms from mild to severe that can indicate low levels of testosterone in men.  These include fatigue, difficulty concentrating, depression, irritability, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and others.  A simple testosterone level check by a physician can help determine what, if anything needs to be done to adjust the levels.

The Dangers Of Testosterone Prescription Medications

Men with low testosterone are often prescribed by their physician a replacement therapy protocol.  These include patches, gels, and injections. These medications come with significant potential adverse side effects, many of which are considered dangerous.  Prostate cancer, sleep apnea, congestive heart failure and BPH are all indicated in clinical trials as potential side effects for men using these prescribed medications.  Additionally, the gels and patches are harmful to women of childbearing age, and young children.  It is highly recommended that individuals in the home avoid all contact with the gel and patches as it can cause significant health problems.

Natural Alternatives To Testosterone Medications

Fortunately, there are many natural products, supplements and extracts that can help aging men with low testosterone levels help increase the levels without serious side effects.  Plants, herbs, nuts, seeds, and other naturally occurring compounds have been used successfully for thousands of years throughout the world.  The medical community has taken a renewed interest in finding cures through naturally occurring compounds.  For low testosterone, fenugreek extract, ginseng, astaxanthin, saw palmetto are just some of the world’s plants that give men higher testosterone levels that are safe without significant side effects.

The physical, emotional and personality changes that occur as a result of lower testosterone levels can be of real concern to men as they age.  Changes in body composition, sexual drive, body hair, depression levels, and others are a challenge at any age.  Fortunately, there are both natural cures and prescription medications to help men regain healthy testosterone levels.  While the prescription medications come with significant and potentially serious side effects, nature has provided safe and effective treatments to stimulate testosterone levels in men as they age. Check our ageless male review for more!

What is Ageless Male?

If you’ve begun to notice a slight – or dramatic – decrease in your energy levels, confidence, ability to heal even the most minor of injuries, or your production in the bedroom, then there is a fantastic chance you are shifting down your testosterone production across the board.

A condition that happens to all of us guys as we get older, right around our mid to late 30s, this has been pushed aside as nothing more than Father Time finally catching up with us and putting his old cold hands around our once vibrant and burning fire. The big problem is that we almost never see it coming, in seemingly just roll out of bed one day wondering just what happened to us.

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for this shell of a life – you can get back in the game just by supplementing with all natural testosterone booster Ageless Male.

What is Ageless Male anyway?

Designed and developed over years and years of scientific research and study – not to mention several different iterations to perfect the formula that you’ll be able to invest in today – Ageless Male is as close to the Fountain of Youth as modern science has ever been able to come.

An easy to take dietary supplement, Ageless Male seems like a little more than a combination of different all-natural ingredients that you might find at high-end vitamin or health stores. But don’t let appearances fall you, as this specific formulation of things like Testofen and vitamin B6 will go to work directly and nearly instantly to provide your body with everything it needs to ramp up all natural testosterone production to the same levels you were able to enjoy in your mid-20s while at the same time slowing all of the triggers that old age likes to send to your body to shunt that same production process.

Basically a 100% all natural compound that is totally and completely safe to take – unlike those risky and often life threatening synthetic and chemical substances that are pushed on people – you’ll be able to change your life almost overnight the moment you begin to supplement with Ageless Male.

But how does Ageless Male work?

The way it works is to attack the problem of having low test from the inside out, rather than bringing in dangerous outside sources of testosterone into your body. Working through your digestive system and cardiovascular delivery systems to push all of the different 100% safe and natural compounds throughout your body – and specifically to areas like your thyroid and brain – to trigger a cascade of all natural testosterone production to kick into high gear, this is the absolute best of the best when it comes to testosterone supplementation.

There are no needles, no creams, and no dangerous side effects whatsoever when you decide to move forward with Ageless Male. All you’ll be able to enjoy is the best of the best of your younger years, combined with the wisdom of your experience.


Though there are certainly no shortage of big talking products on the market today, promising to completely and totally change your life just by taking them, very few – if any – have the same loyal and almost rabid fan base that Ageless Male enjoys on a regular basis. More and more men are choosing to roll back the clock, so to speak, just by using this testosterone booster – and couldn’t be happier because of it.

Thanks to their 100% guarantee you’ll also be able to take advantage of this all natural compound, giving you exactly 0 reasons not to move forward with your Ageless Male investment today.

Ageless Male

Worried about the Ageless Male cost?

You would have to be living off the grid somewhere, the life of a quiet mountain man, to not understand all of the ways that our current crippled economy have totally changed the buying culture of our global community. More and more people are watching their one safe investments dry up right in front of their eyes, losing their jobs left and right, and just trying to make ends meet – the last thing they are going to do is jump on some product that may or may not produce real results and could just be another one of those skinny products pushed by less than ethical marketers.

People are naturally leery about all of the different benefits that Ageless Male promises to give men who are looking to upgrade their life dramatically, and rightfully so – too many people have been burned in the past and lost hard earned money in the process. If you’re worried about the Ageless Male cost and are unsure of whether or not you should move forward with this purchase, you’re going to find all the answers you could ever want right here in this article.

Is Ageless Male the real deal?

Probably the most obvious question you could have swimming around in your brain, most people want to know if Ageless Male is actually on the up and up or if it’s just another one of those terrible scanty substances pushed by modern-day snake oil salesman. And while I can’t speak to everyone else’s experience – you can find all of those in the flood of customer testimonials and reviews on the Internet – I can tell you that my experience with Ageless Male has been completely life-changing.

Like many men of a specific age (those who have seen their 30th birthday come and go – for some quite a while ago), I felt the cold hands of Father Time start to slowly push the life out of my body. It’s not that I felt myself giving up or giving in, just that I could for the first time really start to notice my skills, motivation, and athletic (including in the bedroom) skills start to diminish. I knew that this was going to be a problem – so many men deal with it each and every year – but never really assumed it would happen to me, let alone this fast.

Apparently, it’s a normal medical condition known as andropause – basically where our bodies begin to slow and eventually stop producing testosterone all on their own. Without testosterone we start to see our very manly essence disappear, leaving us shells of our former selves.

But this all-natural changes that course forever – and in my opinion, makes it well worth the Ageless Male cost.

How does Ageless Male actually work?

Rather than focus on the Ageless Male cost – which is almost laughably low when you begin to understand that this is truly life-changing and actually the real deal – I hope to tell you a little bit about the science behind this incredible supplement.

Using all-natural ingredients that have been proven time and time again by science and medicine to boost the body’s ability to produce testosterone all on its own, Ageless Male is not like any other testosterone boosting supplement on the market today. Rather than try to flood your system with synthetic or exterior creams or injections, you’ll instead be unlocking and breaking open the floodgates that have been boarded up by different triggers your body sends once you get to a specific age. Not only does Ageless Male boost and ramp up the production of testosterone in your body – in a completely and 100% safe way with zero side effects at all – but it also slows the release of these trigger points meaning you’ll be able to keep production running at a decent clip so long as you use this supplement.

Is it worth the Ageless Male cost? That’s a question that you’ll have to answer all on your own, and one I hope you’ll test out.

Ageless Male

Does Ageless Male Work?

The airways are saturated with advertisements targeted at men with low testosterone levels.  There are a variety of prescription medications and natural supplements that are touted.  One of the most popular solutions for men suffering from low testosterone is Ageless Male.  But, does Ageless Male work?  In clinical studies, it has been shown to improve the testosterone level in men by as much as 50%.  Men of all ages that have low testosterone levels not only can suffer from significant sexual dysfunction problems, but also notice a change in body hair, mood, levels of depression, and in essence, just feel less manly.

The Benefits Of Using Natural Supplements Over Prescription Medications

For thousands of years, medical professionals have used what is found in nature to create curative medicines.  The nuts, fruits, blossoms, seeds, leaves, and stems of plants have natural curative properties.  Many of these plants have naturally occurring compounds that help the human body fight infections, lower inflammation, increase testosterone levels, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and fight cancer.  Unlike prescription medications that are crafted in a laboratory, natural supplements are earth’s way of providing us with the healing characteristics we need for a variety of health problems.  Prescription medications often come with significant and potentially dangerous side effects, and this is especially true for gels, injections and patches on the market today for men with low testosterone levels.  Does Ageless Male work and is it a safe and effective treatment for men with low testosterone levels?

Ingredients And The Answer To “Does Ageless Male Work?”

Ageless Male natural supplement’s list of ingredients includes Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, and Testofen.  Testofen is the manufacturer’s label for their proprietary blend of fenugreek extract that has been shown in clinical trials to raise testosterone levels and maintain healthy testosterone levels in men. Fenugreek extract is often used in bodybuilding supplements to help men build and maintain strong muscle mass. How does Ageless Male work?  It is believed that fenugreek together with the other vitamins and minerals in this proprietary formula stimulate the production of hormones within the body, including testosterone. Vitamin B6 is a powerful and effective vitamin used for a variety of conditions.  It has been shown to increase activity and mood levels and promote a healthy and energetic metabolism.  The result is a better overall sense of well-being, a heightened sex drive, and less depression.

Does Ageless Male Work To Improve Sexual Desire?

Yes.  In a clinical randomized, double-blind study, Ageless Male was able to increase both sexual drive and sexual desire.  This increase represented not only an increase in libido, but also gave men a significant improvement in actual sexual performance, function and satisfaction.  This study was conducted over a six week period in which part of the study group was given placebos and others were given Ageless Male.  The findings indicate the men that were given Ageless Male outpaced the placebo group for sexual desire and function.

Natural supplements are generally considered much safer than traditional pharmaceutical medicines.  In the case of men with low testosterone levels, the prescribed medications come with a series of potentially dangerous side effects, including cancer.  Individuals that are seeking a safe and effective cure to low testosterone levels should consider not only how does Ageless Male work, but the safety of the alternative pharmaceutical products.  Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, and Fenugreek have natural curative properties and studies show that they can work together in the proprietary formula of Ageless Male to stimulate sexual drive, satisfaction, performance, and promote a sense of well-being and health.

Saw Palmetto And Its Effects On Aging Males

One of the primary health concerns for aging males is the health of their prostate.  Prostate cancer, enlargement of the prostate gland and urinary incontinence are significant problems as men age.  The Saw Palmetto plant, also known as Serenoa, is a type of palm that produces a berry believed to reduce the symptoms of some prostate problems.  Since the late 1870s it has been a safe and effective treatment for urinary and prostate problems in men.   It is actively used in treatments today throughout Europe and is approved by several governing bodies that regulate herbal and natural supplements.  In the United States, it is considered a natural supplement and is not regulated by the FDA.  However, many medical health professionals, scientific researchers, and individuals believe it is a safe and effective treatment for baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia (“BPH”).

Medical Treatments For An Enlarged Prostate

There are prescription drugs that are available on the market for the treatment of enlarged prostates in men.  Finasteride and Tamsulosin are two of the most common of these drugs.  However, the common side effects associated with these drugs are often a considerable downside; there is considerable evidence that men taking Finasteride or Tamsulosin have difficulty achieving erections while on the drug.  This is why men seek an alternative.  An enlarged prostate and BPH cause problems within the urinary tract and is known to cause sexual dysfunction.  Treatments for a variety of conditions and illnesses are being treated with a variety of plant-based, natural therapies (“Phytotherapy“) across the globe.  Medical researchers are turning towards the development of other Phytotherapies derived from plants.  Other plant extracts being researched now for a variety of curative benefits include papaya leaf, arnica, white willow, gingko biloba and many others.

Saw Palmetto Safety

Unlike the prescription drugs commonly prescribed to men with BPH or an enlarged prostate, Saw Palmetto is considered safe and effective for the treatment of a variety of male-oriented aging concerns.  The vast majority of men that take Saw Palmetto report no side effects whatsoever.  There are a few reports that some experience minor stomach and digestive tract upset.  In a study (Avins, 2012) conducted by the Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Urological Symptoms trial, researchers concluded that this extract that was used in the trial indicated no toxicity over the 18 month trial at up to 3 times the dosage.

Medicinal Uses For Saw Palmetto

This palm produces yellow-white blooms that produce dark red berry.  The berry contains high levels phytosterols and fatty acids that are used across the globe to relieve problems associated with an enlarged prostate in men, for baldness and in women for polycystic ovarian syndrome.  Scientific studies indicate that men who regularly take Saw Palmetto extract have a reduced risk of surgery for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).  For men, urinary problems, baldness and sexual dysfunction are often primary concerns through aging. These are significant health challenges that affect both the mind and body.  Healthful and distinguished aging is achievable.

Saw Palmetto is a safe and effective alternative treatment for many of the common conditions that affect men as they age including BPH, enlarged prostate, urinary tract problems and baldness.  Unlike the prescription drug counterparts, Saw Palmetto does not affect sexual function.  For generations, alternative medicine practitioners have used this plant to help relieve the symptoms associated with aging.  Aging is a fact of life; aging gracefully and healthfully is the goal.  Individuals that suffer from any of the above conditions are encouraged to try this alternative and natural cure by using a supplement like ageless male.