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The fact of the matter is that there are tons of products for men on the market that claim to produce great benefits, but when people order it they see that it’s really not as good as it was put out to be. This is why I’ve taken it upon myself to review Ageless Male and see whether or not it’s something that other men should even think about taking for a spin.

Keep in mind that this is a completely honest review as it should be. I just wanted to get that out of the way since the internet has become flooded with a lot of illegitimate review websites over the years. This is just a simple review provided from one man to another, so that hopefully you can get some insight into this testosterone boosting supplement that has gotten a lot of attention as of lately. The idea of being able to restore youth, improve sexual performance, and have more energy is great. That is if it does what it’s supposed to of course.


What Is Ageless Male?

Many men in their 40s and 50s don’t have to be told about low testosterone. Each year, millions of men suffer from fatigue, depression, a dampened libido and lower levels of energy. All of these issues stem from having low testosterone levels.

Testosterone-levelsFor men who suffer from this problem, a new testosterone supplement has come on the market for them. Read this review to see how Ageless Male can solve your low testosterone issues.


What’s In Ageless Male?

Fortified with a special Testofen complex that is derived from organic Fenugreek herb, Ageless Male will drive up your testosterone levels (while still keeping them within a healthy range). That’s why it has the capacity to give you incredible vitality with absolutely no adverse side effects or symptoms. The ingredients contains:



What’s So Special About Testofen?

Testofen is the main ingredient in Ageless Male and is the special compound that gives the supplement its vital power. The formula was previously containing the extract of Saw Palmetto Berry and the Astaxanthin.

Testofen has proved it can substantially boost free testosterone in aged male, this was proven in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled experiment*. It also helps you develop muscle mass while burning fat, helping to preserve the muscle you have while building even more. As reported by a recent study**, Testofen will boost your libido, make you more energetic, less likely to lose hair, more likely to burn fat and more likely to build muscle through exercise. In short: Testofen will bring the youthful vigor back to your body. You can find the abstract of that study in Pubmed. I have uploaded an image of it:

Pubmed-Testofen Also, This reasonably-priced dietary supplement contains vitamin B6, which is proven to boost the body’s resting metabolic rate. When combined with the power of Testofen, B6 helps you to shed those unwanted pounds, so that you’re able to enjoy the body of a much younger man. In addition, B6 gives you an instant energy spike that will allow you to power through your days and nights.

*Effect of TESTOFEN on safety, anabolic activity and factors affecting Exercise Physiology. Wankhede et. al.

**Physiological Aspects of Male Libido Enhanced by Standardized Trigonella foenum-graecum Extract and Mineral Formulation” Authors: E. Steels, A. Rao, L. Vitetta



Ageless Male Pros

There are many great things that I’ve found while taking the time to check out Ageless Male in an effort to see what it has to offer. Below, you’ll see the strongest advantages that Ageless Male has to offer for men like me and you.

prosMedically Recognized

darren-clairThe skeptics out there may be heartened to know that a much respected doctor is behind Ageless Male. With all of the testosterone supplements that are currently out on the market, Ageless Male separates itself from the pack with the blessing of a physician who is much respected in his field. Dr. Darren Clair graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biology in 1982. He got his medical degree from the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. In his years of practice, he has done a lot of work in anti aging and preventative medicine. Dr. Clair is a firm believer in men becoming proactive when it comes to their health. He also believes that Ageless Male can be a great tool to pump up testosterone levels and can even help produce muscle mass along with strength training.

prosClinically Researched Ingredients

The ingredients contained in Ageless Male have went through clinical trials and proven that they do produce the effects that are represented. Instead of putting fate in the hands of someone who “claims” to have the best ingredients, you can take advantage of a proven formula by selecting Ageless Male as your preferred choice.

prosIncreased Sexual Drive

Ageless Male also increases libido in men which not only increases sexual drive, but it also increases a man’s romantic desire. Just because you’ve got a few years behind you doesn’t mean the romantic excitement needs to disappear forever. Does it?

prosNatural Energy Enhancement

It helps men increase their energy levels naturally. Not only will you have more energy for her on those romantic evenings, but you can also use the newly gained energy to remain active in your life and keep your body toned so that it makes you the most handsome man in the neighborhood. Getting older does affect one’s energy, but it’s easily fixed with Ageless Male.

prosSave Money When You Buy 2 Bottles

One of the best things about Ageless Male is that they reach out and try to save their loyal customers as much as possible. While you do save a few bucks on one bottle, you can get 3 bottles for the price of two. It’s good to see a company that’s not extremely greedy for once.

pros30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Ageless Male Cons

Every good thing has a bad side to it, and this is where I’m going to expose it for what it is. After all, you only deserve the complete truth and that’s what I’m here to provide you with.

consAgeless Male Isn’t Available Locally & Can Only Be Bought Online

You can’t go to your local drug store and purchase Ageless Male. They seem to take pride in ensuring a discreet and secure ordering process by keeping sales online instead of putting it on the shelves of local stores. While this may be inconvenient since you can’t run to the store and grab a bottle, it does seem like a logical choice they have made to protect the confidentiality of their customers and ensure that they monitor satisfaction directly.

consAgeless Male must be taken continually to reap the benefits

consThere isn’t a free trial, only a money-back guarantee


Where To Buy Ageless Male

Ageless Male has more to offer than most of the supplements currently on the market. It’s also one of the more affordable choices currently available which is always a great thing. For the serious men who still want to live life to the fullest, this is a supplement that can’t be ignored.

Now that you know how Ageless Male Supplement tackles all of the signs of aging from the inside out, why choose anything else? Since this product comes with a full money-back guarantee, there’s no risk or downside to ordering your own supply today.

Update: I receive many emails everyday about how to order a bottle. It’s easy, just click the image below and you will be redirected to the official website of Ageless Male.


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