Ageless Male Ingredients

Ageless Male is a proprietary formula of natural ingredients that work together to give men with low testosterone a boost in sexual performance, stamina, satisfaction, and general emotional well-being.  The Ageless Male ingredients list is simple, and concise – Vitamin B6, Zinc, Magnesium and Testofen (or Fenugreek). Unlike the dangerous pharmaceutical chemical compounds found in the prescription medications used to treat low testosterone levels, Ageless Male is effective and safe.  These four ingredients, individually have healing characteristics for a variety of health conditions and concerns.  When blended together in this proprietary formula, they have curative powers that men with low testosterone levels are searching for.  Below is a breakdown of these ingredients and what they do for the human body.

Vitamin B6

Clinical and scientific studies indicate that regular consumption of Vitamin B6 can lead to healthy brain function and maintain normal nerve functioning.  This Ageless Male ingredient is believed to play a significant role in providing the body with antibodies needed to fight infections and various diseases.  Anemia, depression, irritability, nerve function and arthritis are common signs of a Vitamin B6 deficiency.  Vitamin B6 is considered a vital nutrient that helps over 60 enzymes function properly within our body and is an important element in helping regulate a healthy immune system.  This super nutrient is found in green leafy vegetables, carrots, licorice root, and a variety of medicinal herbs.  It can be difficult to have a diet that provides enough of this vitamin, so often supplements are recommended.


Zinc is another one of the Ageless Male ingredients that is necessary for proper and healthy functioning of our bodies.  It is known to stimulate the immune system and is considered as a critical element in the health and well-being of all adults.  Low levels of zinc, and zinc deficiency contributes to the infertility in women and can be the cause of low libido levels in both men and women. Individuals with low levels of zinc in their body often suffer from chronic fatigue, bad memory, nerve dysfunction, low energy, and poor sexual desire.  Zinc increases physical strength and performance, both in sports, and in the bedroom.  Studies indicate that by increasing zinc in the body, testosterone production rises following exercise and it is now recommended for athletes as helps produce testosterone at a higher rate than for individuals without an increase in zinc.


The Ageless Male ingredients are focused on creating a more energized men with a healthy sexual appetite and improved sexual function.  Magnesium is considered an essential mineral to help our minds and body stay healthy throughout the course of our life. Research indicates that healthy levels of magnesium help to regulate body temperature, increase energy, stimulate health nerve impulses and help with the formation of health teeth and bones.  Additionally, magnesium helps our bodies to absorb calcium, a process that is required to stave off joint and osteoarthritis.

Fenugreek (Testofen)

Testofen (listed on Ageless Male ingredient list) is also known as Fenugreek has been used for thousands of years for both culinary and medicinal purposes.  This Ageless Male ingredient helps to stimulate healthy testosterone levels, reduces inflammation, helps lower blood sugar levels in diabetics and is believed to lower cholesterol. The seeds, fruit, leaves, and stem of the fenugreek plant are used across the world for medical ailments for both men and women.  In women it can help ease the symptoms of menopause and even stimulate milk production for women that are breastfeeding.

The above Ageless Male ingredients work together to give men with low testosterone levels their lives back without facing the significant and potentially dangerous side effects of the prescription medications available on the market today.

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