Does Ageless Male Work?

The airways are saturated with advertisements targeted at men with low testosterone levels.  There are a variety of prescription medications and natural supplements that are touted.  One of the most popular solutions for men suffering from low testosterone is Ageless Male.  But, does Ageless Male work?  In clinical studies, it has been shown to improve the testosterone level in men by as much as 50%.  Men of all ages that have low testosterone levels not only can suffer from significant sexual dysfunction problems, but also notice a change in body hair, mood, levels of depression, and in essence, just feel less manly.

The Benefits Of Using Natural Supplements Over Prescription Medications

For thousands of years, medical professionals have used what is found in nature to create curative medicines.  The nuts, fruits, blossoms, seeds, leaves, and stems of plants have natural curative properties.  Many of these plants have naturally occurring compounds that help the human body fight infections, lower inflammation, increase testosterone levels, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and fight cancer.  Unlike prescription medications that are crafted in a laboratory, natural supplements are earth’s way of providing us with the healing characteristics we need for a variety of health problems.  Prescription medications often come with significant and potentially dangerous side effects, and this is especially true for gels, injections and patches on the market today for men with low testosterone levels.  Does Ageless Male work and is it a safe and effective treatment for men with low testosterone levels?

Ingredients And The Answer To “Does Ageless Male Work?”

Ageless Male natural supplement’s list of ingredients includes Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, and Testofen.  Testofen is the manufacturer’s label for their proprietary blend of fenugreek extract that has been shown in clinical trials to raise testosterone levels and maintain healthy testosterone levels in men. Fenugreek extract is often used in bodybuilding supplements to help men build and maintain strong muscle mass. How does Ageless Male work?  It is believed that fenugreek together with the other vitamins and minerals in this proprietary formula stimulate the production of hormones within the body, including testosterone. Vitamin B6 is a powerful and effective vitamin used for a variety of conditions.  It has been shown to increase activity and mood levels and promote a healthy and energetic metabolism.  The result is a better overall sense of well-being, a heightened sex drive, and less depression.

Does Ageless Male Work To Improve Sexual Desire?

Yes.  In a clinical randomized, double-blind study, Ageless Male was able to increase both sexual drive and sexual desire.  This increase represented not only an increase in libido, but also gave men a significant improvement in actual sexual performance, function and satisfaction.  This study was conducted over a six week period in which part of the study group was given placebos and others were given Ageless Male.  The findings indicate the men that were given Ageless Male outpaced the placebo group for sexual desire and function.

Natural supplements are generally considered much safer than traditional pharmaceutical medicines.  In the case of men with low testosterone levels, the prescribed medications come with a series of potentially dangerous side effects, including cancer.  Individuals that are seeking a safe and effective cure to low testosterone levels should consider not only how does Ageless Male work, but the safety of the alternative pharmaceutical products.  Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, and Fenugreek have natural curative properties and studies show that they can work together in the proprietary formula of Ageless Male to stimulate sexual drive, satisfaction, performance, and promote a sense of well-being and health.

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